How to Replace a Battery For a Nissan Key Fob

Make sure that the battery in your Nissan key fob fits appropriately by checking its back or the owner’s manual for more details.

Replacing a key fob battery is an easy and straightforward process that you can complete at home with just a few tools. Gently pry apart two faces using a screwdriver before inserting your new battery with its + markings facing downward.

How to Replace a Battery For a Nissan Key Fob

How to Replace a Dead Key Fob Battery

Fixing your Nissan key fob can be as easy as replacing its battery. No matter whether it is an older teardrop-shaped fob or one of the newer models, replacing its batteries should be quick and straightforward if all necessary supplies and metal keys are readily available before beginning this project.

Start by identifying what size battery your fob requires – either using our battery finder to assist, or by inspecting its internal markings to help determine this – so that you can locate one of equal size. Once done, look up replacements that match this standard size!

As soon as you have the battery in hand, carefully pry open your fob by inserting an edge of your metal key into a slot at the top and twisting. Take note of polarity before replacing the old battery with the new one; snap back together the fob and test if everything works as it should before snapping it all back together again for use.

How to Replace a Battery For a Nissan Key Fob

Getting Started

Most Nissan key fobs require a CR2032 button cell battery, making replacement an easy process that can be completed at home. Start by prying open your back panel of your key fob (there should be a release tab or notch to help with this), using a flathead screwdriver to gently separate halves before gently prying out old battery with flatbladed screwdriver and insert new one with plus and minus signs facing inward.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, replace the retaining clip once your new battery has been installed and snap back together your key fob – testing all its buttons! If any don’t respond as intended, schedule an appointment with one of our service specialists near Farmington Hills; we can quickly get your Nissan key fob working like new in no time!

How to Replace a Battery For a Nissan Key Fob

Finding the Right Battery

CR2032 and CR2025 batteries are two coin-type batteries commonly found in key fobs. Although their appearances differ, both make great choices for your Nissan key fob. To replace it, simply press a release button on the back of the fob and remove/insert/place the new one ensuring it faces in the correct direction before screwing back on its cover.

Once you’ve installed the new battery in your key fob, test it by pressing its lock or unlock button. If it still doesn’t work as it should, however, there may be another issue that requires professional assistance – contact your ABC Nissan dealership for help and recycle old batteries locally to keep our environment cleaner and safer for everyone! Eventually, you can enjoy driving your Nissan vehicle without worry over dead key fobs.

How to Replace a Battery For a Nissan Key Fob

Installing the New Battery

Your key fob enables you to access all aspects of your car – locking and unlocking, opening trunk, activating panic alarm, starting remotely etc. If it stops functioning as intended, its battery may require replacement.

An inoperable key fob will prevent you from accessing any of its features, so it is imperative to change out its battery as soon as possible. The process should not be difficult; you can complete it quickly.

First, flip over your key fob and locate a small slider at its back. Pressing this slider will unlock and remove the emergency key, revealing its battery compartment. Use a screwdriver to pry apart two parts so as to access and then take note of its position within the fob, so as to easily replace it later on. Install your new battery making sure the (+) positive side faces upward while (-) negative black terminal clamp is facing downwards – these two important details must remain aligned during installation of new battery installation process.

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