How to Replace a Dead Battery For Buick Encore Key Fob

Buick Encore drivers will appreciate its multitude of features designed to keep them connected with their vehicle, such as a mobile app that lets them start or lock their car remotely.

Remote engine start technology is available on Encore models with Preferred trims or higher, helping drivers save money on fuel by starting their cars remotely from a distance.

How to Replace a Dead Battery For Buick Encore Key Fob


If your key fob battery is dead or not functioning as it should be, replacing it by following the instructions for your particular vehicle is simple and can often be accomplished quickly and painlessly. In general, replacement keys must use batteries with similar specifications (CR2032 batteries are often recommended).

A dead battery is usually to blame when a key fob doesn’t function, though you could also experience issues if exposed to moisture.

To replace the battery in a key fob, first remove its metal key and use a screwdriver to pry open its case with a pry bar. Remove and install your new battery by sliding out its old one through its slots; and ensure that its + side faces upward. Finally, reprogram your key fob using instructions provided in its owner manual (this usually only takes minutes). Alternatively, have it programmed at an automotive locksmith dealership.

How to Replace a Dead Battery For Buick Encore Key Fob


Buick Encore owners who are experiencing issues starting their car after using the key fob can try a few strategies to fix this problem. Here’s some suggestions.

One possible issue could be that your key fob requires reprogramming. This is most often required if using a replacement key fob or having yours serviced; you can find instructions online or from an auto shop on how to accomplish this step.

Damage to the chip in your key fob could occur from exposure to too much water, as is often seen when submersion in ocean or pool waters occurs. In such an instance, you should carefully clean and dry it before trying to use it again – you can find instructions on YouTube or in your owner’s manual on this matter. You may want to consider purchasing waterproof fobs if your activities require frequent submersion in ocean or pool waters.

How to Replace a Dead Battery For Buick Encore Key Fob


Your key fob may no longer work due to various causes, such as worn buttons, bad battery contacts, water damage, receiver module issues, signal interference or a defective electronic chip.

If your key fob doesn’t respond when used with physical keys in your ignition, try using it directly with them instead. If this doesn’t do the trick, reprogramping may be necessary; most vehicles provide instructions for doing this either online or in their owner’s manuals.

When replacing a key fob battery, make sure it is of equal size and voltage to its predecessor. Also check that metal retaining clips that hold it tightly – loose clips could lead to contact issues caused by water damaged key fobs.

How to Replace a Dead Battery For Buick Encore Key Fob


This battery comes with a one-year warranty and is guaranteed to fit your Buick Encore key fob. Installation is incredibly straightforward – simply line up the back cover with the fob case, press them together firmly until you hear a click, and insert a new battery firmly into place – there are videos online showing you exactly how.

Finding the right battery for your Buick Encore key fob is vitally important to its functionality, so consult your owner’s manual or the dealership if uncertain which type is necessary before ordering one online or from them directly.

When purchasing your new remote from the locksmith or dealer, be sure to confirm they also cut you an emergency key. Many times this step gets missed and that can lead to future lockout issues; so to prevent that from happening write down and store away the code of the key in a safe location.

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