How to Change Battery in 2020 Jeep Compass Key Fob

If it takes multiple attempts or no longer works at all to unlock and lock your Jeep, or it no longer responds altogether, it could be time to replace its key fob battery.

Luckily, this task can usually be accomplished within minutes with basic tools.

Start by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the seam near where your key ring attaches, and pry apart each half gently with it.

How to Change Battery in 2020 Jeep Compass Key Fob

Tool List

If your Jeep key fob requires multiple button presses to lock or unlock your car, it could be time for a battery upgrade. Luckily, changing out batteries in key fobs is a straightforward DIY project most Gretna drivers can complete on their own.

An all-you-need to open your key fob is a small flathead screwdriver. Insert its tip into the seam near its ring mount, and gently pry apart both pieces until they come free from each other.

Once you’ve removed the plastic pieces, you will be able to see an old battery, circuit board and rubber keypad. Remove and install a new battery into its housing; test out your fob to make sure everything works as intended.

How to Change Battery in 2020 Jeep Compass Key Fob

Opening the Fob

If it takes multiple attempts to lock or unlock your vehicle, replacing the key fob battery may be necessary. Replacing it is easy and should be completed as soon as possible.

To open your fob, gently insert a flathead screwdriver tip into the seam located by the key ring mount and open both top and bottom pieces of your key fob, exposing the circuit board and rubber keypad. Remove and install a new battery using similar orientation as your original.

Your replacement battery should be available at most electronics and auto supply stores. Look for coin-type batteries with the number CR 2032 printed on them. In general, changing batteries won’t require reprogramming your fob, though always test to ensure proper function.

How to Change Battery in 2020 Jeep Compass Key Fob

Removing the Old Battery

Loss of operation range is an indicator that its battery needs replacing; key fobs serve as short-range radio transmitters, sending coded signals directly from them to cars.

If the indicator light on the fob doesn’t illuminate, that could be an indicator of a dying battery. Also consider replacing it if pressing both unlock and lock buttons multiple times is required to work as this could indicate low power levels in your fob.

Use your screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool to insert its blade in the space where the two halves of the fob meet (usually near its key ring mount). Gently separate and open up the key fob – your new CR 2032 battery should now be visible!

How to Change Battery in 2020 Jeep Compass Key Fob

Installing the New Battery

If your key fob has stopped functioning and pressing its buttons doesn’t help, chances are its battery has either died or neared its end of life. Replacing it is an inexpensive and straightforward solution.

Utilize either the blade of your screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool to gently separate both halves of the fob by pushing on their seam where the key ring loop is located. Remove and store away your backup metal ignition key.

Insert a brand-new CR 2032 battery into the fob, making sure its positive terminal (marked with “+”) faces down while its negative one (indicated by blank “-“) faces upward towards you. Push it firmly into place before snapping back together the fob halves.

Testing the Fob

The Jeep Compass is an in-between, fitting comfortably between subcompact SUVs such as Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Kicks and larger models like Honda CR-V and Hyundai Tucson. Offering Grand Cherokee-esque style at an economical price point.

If it takes multiple button presses to unlock or lock your vehicle, or you are having difficulty starting it up, the battery in your key fob may have died or be near its end of its operating range (50 feet or so) and when they do they cease communicating with the fob and vehicle.

To replace the battery, insert a flathead screwdriver near the keyring mount of your fob seam and pry apart. Remove and install a new battery ensuring its orientation (+/- sides facing in opposite directions), before clicking back together your fob.

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