How to Replace a Chevy Key Fob Battery

Key fobs make unlocking your car and performing other signal-based functions easy, but as time goes on, their batteries may need replacing.

Installing a replacement battery into a Chevy key fob is easier than you might expect, with only basic tools needed and an extra battery needed for replacement.

How to Replace a Chevy Key Fob Battery

What You’ll Need

If your key fob requires new batteries, replacing it yourself is an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to buying it from dealership or locksmiths. By following these steps you’ll save both money and resources!

Most modern cars feature digital key fobs to enable remote unlock and start capabilities without touching your physical key. These devices rely on small button cell batteries; when one dies, your fob may no longer function effectively or at all.

Most key fobs require a coin-shaped battery called a CR2032 or CR2016 that can be found at general stores, home improvement stores and some auto parts shops for about $5-10 each and then recycled afterward.

How to Replace a Chevy Key Fob Battery

Opening the Fob

Owning a Chevy car or truck has many advantages, one being being able to start your day in an already warm-up car or truck – or cool it down as soon as you’re ready for action! Unfortunately, though, your key fob’s battery might need replacing if you are having difficulty unlocking or locking your vehicle remotely or its buttons don’t respond easily anymore.

At home, battery replacements can be accomplished quickly and effortlessly. Use a flathead screwdriver to insert it into the key fob’s tiny opening and twist to open.

Next, take out and replace with a new CR2032 3V battery; make sure that its positive side matches that of the old battery! Reassemble everything, and you are good to go; this process is often performed on GMC and Oldsmobile key fobs alike.

How to Replace a Chevy Key Fob Battery

Removing the Battery

Key fobs provide more functions than simply unlocking and locking your vehicle today, such as helping find your car and unlock or lock doors remotely from far away, or making entering parked vehicles easier!

For battery replacement, locate and press in a small chrome button near the emergency/backup metal ignition key slot on your key fob’s bottom left. This will enable you to remove and place it safely aside the emergency/backup metal ignition key slot and set aside its contents.

Once the fob is separated, use a flat head screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool with its blade inserted into its notch where the metal ignition key once resided and gently twist it to dislodge it from its position. Continue working around its perimeter using this same screwdriver tool in order to slowly separate its two halves until you can access and replace its old battery with a new 3-Volt coin cell battery (CR2032 3-volt coin cell batteries are recommended).

How to Replace a Chevy Key Fob Battery

Replacing the Battery

When your fob’s battery dies, replacing it yourself is an eco-friendly and less costly alternative to buying a new key fob – plus no special tools are required – just a small flathead screwdriver and replacement batteries from our parts department will do!

Screwdriver tip into small hole on side of fob and twist to open it. Next, take out old battery and replace with new one making sure its positive/negative sides face in correct manner.

Reassemble the fob and test its functions to make sure everything works perfectly. If they don’t, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and schedule a service appointment with one of our expert technicians – they’d be more than happy to assist!

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